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Foxy’s Thoughtful Ice Cream


premium // probiotics // less sugar // gluten free

foxy’s thoughtful ice cream…

// Significant.

// Global.

// Long lasting.

// Scientifically studied.

// Academically sound.

into a super premium ice cream, crafted so that:

You can’t tell the difference.
It’s premium.
In no nonsense, unique packaging.
Reasonably priced.
Thoughtfully created.
Uniquely sourced.



International scientific and academic studies* show probiotics ingested regularly or occasionally assist and directly help:

// Digestion
// Immunity (infants, kids and adults)
// Mood
// Protein absorption

less sugar

20+ % reduction in the intake of sugar can dramatically reduced changes of suffering from many consequential diseases** including:

// Diabetes 2
// Heart disease (cholesterol absorption) // Obesity
// Chronic Liver disease



A range of very unique, premium 16% butter-fat, 50% overrun ice creams loaded with over 1bn probiotics per serving and around 20% less sugar than comparable products.


Transparent in supply chain, thoughtful & sustainable in sourcing, manufactured by Able Initiative workers & 1% for the Planet members.

As well as

Diet sensitive, our range includes gluten free, egg free, organic ingredients, all natural, mostly non-GMO, a source of Vit. A, C D + dietary fiber, Synbiotic and symbiotic.


USA: 400 stores including Whole Foods Market, Fresh and Easy, 7- Eleven, Albertsons PacNW, 160 Independent stores pulling from 6+ warehouses around the USA.

China – 25 stores including Ole, BHG and Carrefour. Coming soon: Japan, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong.


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