Originally from the USA, Foxy's Thoughtful Ice Cream has come to the UK when husband and wife team Angus Murray and Dr Jenny Hughes decided to relocate from California back to Angus' family home in Somerset.

Foxy's is a super premium ice cream made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and added pre and probiotics. As far as we know it's the only one of it's kind available today

Ice cream is not supposed to be healthy — it's a reward, a treat, something luxurious that scratches an itch in the evening or guarantees the kids will tidy their rooms. We didn't want to create a 'healthy' product — but instead took something that's delicious and luxurious and added some stealthy healthy stuff — in this case, organic inulin from the agave plant which acts as a fibre and pre-biotics and probiotics, natures miracle workers.

We thoughtfully source our ingredients paying attention to global food trends. When we can source locally for our flavors, we do—such as our marshmallows, hand crafted by Janet at Grown Up Marshmallows in Somerset and using really mallow extract. All our milk is from an organic farm in Wiltshire and our 500ml tubs are lovingly hand-filled on the same farm.