Less Sugar, Not No Sugar
April 2, 2017

Foxy's Thoughtful Ice Cream on a sunny summer's afternoon

As some of you may know, Foxy’s Thoughtful Ice Cream is now available in 4 countries. I think we are the smallest international brand in the world. The advent of social media, email, international VoIP conferencing and any communication technology you can think of means that I am able to keep the plates spinning well enough to remain small.

The same can be said for our nutrition and mantra of ‘Thoughtful’ ice cream. What does that mean, really? Well – I didn’t want to hitch my wagon to one ideology that may have a short shelf life – I wanted to make something that was rich, luxurious, decadent YET just a little healthier for you and did some good along the way.

Probiotics are perhaps one of the fastest growing areas of research in nutrition – in the EU (for our UK operations) so we talk about ‘active cultures ‘ instead. It’s saddening as there are SO many articles out there that really do talk about how good flora and fauna in your stomach can help in so many ways, my inner conspiracy theorist thinks that as Big Pharma can’t patent it, they will fight science proving its efficacy……

Traditionally, yogurt is made with bacteria known as probiotics – L. Acidophillus and others start to digest the milk with a resultant curd and flavor that is definitely yogurt. At Foxy’s, I add the probiotics at the end of the process so the ice cream flavor, texture and composition remains unchanged but is now fortified with 6 active cultures. Once frozen, we independently test each batch of ice cream for active cultures – the results of which will be posted on the website.

These cultures are very resilient to cold, but not heat – which is why they remain in a kind of dormant frozen state until you eat the ice cream, then they wake up in your tummy and get to work – we add organic inulin from the agave plant to our mix too, which acts as a very low calorie sweetener as well as a prebiotic for the probiotics.

This really means that Foxy’s is the first and only synbiotic (not a typo) ice cream in the world, yet still remains decadent and luxurious enough to scratch the itch only ice cream can.

By Angus Murray, March 2nd 2017. Somerset. UK